leadership coaching

Personal Presence and Assured Performance

This day long course is based on principles developed by Philip der Margosian over many years of working with leaders and managers who need to assert their personalities, hold their space and communicate effectively when presenting, managing or attending large meetings or simply influencing those around them. The mind and the body are trained together with elements of goal setting, voice coaching, presentation skills and image awareness.

Participants are set to work with the facilitators and each other to build their confidence and make the most of their innate skills.  It is a very dynamic and physical workshop with elements of theatre training, breathing and singing exercises and is suitable for large groups of 25 to 40.

How It Works:
Participants will experience ideas and techniques that they rarely experience in organisational life.  They will learn:
o How to watch themselves perform in the world of work
o Know what they need to ask for in order to be successful
o Know how to get feedback that will enable them to improve constantly
o Practice voice and breathing exercises that will increase their personal presence and their power
o Take part in presentation exercises to help them get used to speaking in public
o Have expert advice on image techniques



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