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Leadership Coaching

The coaching is delivered one-to-one in a flexible format based on the coachee’s objectives. Initial feedback is often provided from the prescriptor, colleagues or the team to help focus the coachee on his/her development needs. In some cases, a diagnostic and 360 degree feedback is used as a starting point. An initial profile report is provided as a reference point to measure progress against coaching goals.

Development of High Potentials

High Potentials are often defined as the top 5% of an organization. They are expected to develop and substantially contribute to the firm. The coaching gives specific skill transfer that helps them perform better in their current role and prepares them for future promotions. Focus is on management and communication.

Turn-around coaching

Many times these are individuals who have previously performed well in the firm and now are faced with challenges that they cannot surmount. Human Resources briefs the coach about initial concerns, criteria and timelines for the turn-around. The coaching is focused on immediate improvement of the employee’s performance. Previous evaluations and current feedback is used to give the employee a realistic view of how he/she is perceived by the firm and colleagues. This coaching program is complementary to the “up or out policy” of many businesses today. The focus is on action and results.

Communication/Presentation Coaching

This coaching is focused on giving the coachee greater impact in front of the client, especially with presentations, one-on-one meetings, small group meetings and large scale presentations. Key areas worked on are preparation, presentation structure and flow, voice and body movement, and connecting with the audience.

Team Presentation Coaching

A project team risks appearing as just a collection of individuals and not a unified and committed group that will achieve results for the client. This coaching facilitates creating the impression of a solid, unified and committed team during a presentation or meeting.

Promotion Preparation

When an individual is nominated for promotion to a senior role in the organization, it is often necessary to prepare and support the individual throughout the process. Initial work is done to coach the nominee to create his leadership brand or signature which is then developed into a full story or business plan. Presentation/communication coaching is a large part of the focus to prepare the nominee for this process.

Building Management Skills

Focus is on specific “soft-skill” development: delegation, motivation, communication, negotiation, coaching and showing them how to develop team members. There is also work on “organizational awareness” and encouraging the coachee to develop their internal and external networks.


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