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“LEADING WITH IMPACT”. This 1 day training is designed to address what it takes to be an effective leader today – DYNAMIC, CHARISMATIC and HAVING IMPACT.


The training will start out with a creative exercise that will allow participants to discover their own personal “golden rules” or values. Participants will be asked to identify 10 defining moments in their lives (personal/professional). They will document these moments chronologically and then work in pairs, coaching each other to extract the “key learnings” and “key awareness” that they had when these moments occurred. The output will be a list of values, behaviours, rules, and beliefs that will make up their own personal “GOLDEN RULES”.

The rational and analytical part will follow. This will be in the fomat of the MRG Leadership Evaluation Analysis (LEA). Participants will learn about the key dimensions of leaderhip and will see how their individual profiles compare to a norm-base of over 15,000 European leaders. Their individual LEA profiles will include the composit scores of approximately 5 senior leaders who will have responded to the MRG survey. This will allow participants to understand what behaviors LOGICA needs today and compare their behavioral scores. Parcipants will work in small groups to compare scores and understand the consequences of their strengths and weaknesses.


The activity of the morning is to create awareness on the part of each of the participants of what they individually have as leaders. The afternoon is focused on the collective, the organization and the power of what leaders can/need to do at LOGICA today. We will use the following source materials to faciliate a discussion on leadership needs at Logica today:


The last part of the training is about enhancing charisma or “Showing Up Big”. This will be the most physically active part of the training. Participants will be briefed on the model – RELAXATION, CONNECTION, AUTHENTICITY. Each participant will do 2 mini presentations (1 minute) based on the questions: “what are you passionate about/what excites you/what lights you up?” and “if anything were possible, what would you change in your life or in the world?” This will be done in groups of approximately 7 people. Following each presentation, each audience members will provide a 20 second critique based on the model. The facilitator will interact and clarify messages.

The participants will move from awareness of their leadership profiles to understanding the power they have as leaders and the action they will take to develop their leadership. They will have fun, they will be challenged and they will create a strong network.


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