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The Workshop: The Show Up Big Workshop : interactive workshop that gives them a common language, methodology and physical understanding of what it means to really ‘show up big’. There are three key parts or focus of the workshop – the body, the voice and the mind and all three parts are designed to improve the personal presence and impact that these participants have on any given audience. The workshop also addresses image and emotional intelligence. Participants will be expected to express and assert their personalities, hold their space and communicate effectively when presenting, managing or attending large meetings or simply influencing those around them. The mind and the body are trained together with elements of goal setting, voice coaching, presentation skills and image awareness. Breathing, proper use of voice when speaking and other theatre exercises will be part of this interactive workshop. Facilitator and participant feedback will be a large part of the learning experience throughout each part of the workshop.



Show Up Big™ was designed to provide a framework and a vocabulary for individuals and groups to understand that there is a posture required to make a proper connection. It is first a concept or an image. It is also a roadmap that allows people the freedom to take the path/approach that they desire with the confidence that they need to achieve it.

The real power comes from the basic posture: Present, Relaxed and Authentic. Show Up Big provides the conceptual framework that directs ones energy and focus. Show Up Big provides a structure which encourages people to develop their own leadership communication techniques, whether with their teams, their clients or their peers. Once leaders at various levels in the organization have developed Show Up Big skills, the organization benefits from the cumulative confidence and charisma that is created.

How we look, how we feel, how we sound are the messages that people pick up instantly. The workshop and the coaching applies the basic principles of Show Up Big and allows for a complete exploration of the internal and the external factors that deliver charismatic leaders.

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